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Sell and Profit

Sell and Profit

The ‘Sell and Profit’ Professional Sales Training incorporates motivation and empowerment for sales people while providing real skills, formulas and content.

Ask a sales person the simple question “who taught them how to sell?” and you’ll discover a simple truth, most haven’t had formal sales training.

Sales staff don’t just walk away feeling good about training, but have advanced new skills that will immediately help them become a stronger and more successful sales person.

If you’re a sales person looking to refine your sales skills to make more sales or a business wanting to motivate your team and really reinvigorate the sales team, then ‘Sell and Profit’ professional sales training is for you. Learn More…

Automotive Sales

Automotive Sales

This unique and complete Automotive Sales Program covers an extensive step by step “HOW TO” of Automotive Sales from Preparation all the way to the Closing of a Sale, How to source & create outside sales opportunities away from your showroom; Building a database and securing referrals thus creating Customers for Life.

 The “AUTOMOTIVE SALES” program extensively covers – Learn More…

Wake Up

Wake Up

“Unlock your potential and change your life today.” Joe Teagh

If it was easy to eliminate the negative elements that hold us back, then we would all do it straight away, but the reality for many of us is that change is hard to accept.We resist, we excuse and we carry on, while still wishing for change.

‘Wake Up’ takes you through what elements in your life give you the increased confidence to improve your career, sustain meaningful relationships and gain financial independence. Learn More…

Create the Opportunity

Create the Opportunity

This program teaches techniques and strategies to reach potential customers when away from the showroom.



Why do most people go into business? The reality is that you create or set up a business because you want to make money.

Why do companies spend millions of dollars each year on advertising their business, their products and services? Simply to attract potential customers so that salespeople can convert those potential customers into buyers. Learn More…

Live Automotive Sales Training

Live Automotive Sales Training

This Program contains an entire week of live Automotive Sales Training video with real students.
It is your GPS to the “Road to a Sale” for today’s market and consumer behaviour.
It is sectioned into 5 days and each day comprises individual specific subjects and techniques.
This program is a must for any new or used car salesperson who wants to achieve more sales, more profit per sale and convert more lookers into buyers.
If you are a Sales Manager in the Automotive Industry, then this Program is also a must for you as a Meeting and Training tool.
We constantly have meetings with our salespeople and quite often it is just about increasing sales and profits without giving our people the correct tools to assist them. Now you can meet with your staff and select a specific topic or technique from this Program, view it and enable staff participation.
Enrol now and become a sales champion

How to Influence Anyone Positively

How to Influence anyone Positively

Learn about the power of positive influence, being genuine and sincere at all times and how to change your attitude towards others.

Your salesperson is usually the first point of contact when a potential customer enters your showroom or place of business.

That customer must like and trust your salesperson or the outcome will result in a NO SALE.
Your company is not the only company selling your products or services. Customers have choices and they will choose to go elsewhere if they don’t like or trust your sales person.
This unique program teaches how to successfully influence anyone positively and create a comfort zone which will result in a SALE and generate Referrals.

It teaches successful communication techniques and control of the outcome.No matter what we are selling, our product is primarily PEOPLE. Learn More…

Customer Service

Customer Service


This simple and easy to follow program has been prepared for the Salesperson and Manager who want more from their sales staff.

This effective Program teaches exactly that, plus the techniques which result in customer retention thus creating customers for life.

Advertising will bring a potential customer to your place of business ONCE. If that potential customer is dissatisfied with the sales person, your product or your company, that same customer will never return again no matter how many more times they see your advertisements and you could continually be advertising to attract “ONE OFF” sales. Learn More…